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B3C Gasoline Test Kit for Dealers

Revolutionary Service Tools

B3C Gas Test KitB3C Fuel Solutions proudly presents the first, complete fuel diagnostic kit that quickly identifies fuel related problems. These revolutionary service tools give you and your customers a complete understanding of fuel quality while educating about the effects of ethanol.

The kit includes 7 easy fuel tests you can perform to identify ethanol fuel related problems, quickly diagnose repairs, and end warranty disputes. The kit includes the following tests:

  1. Gas Quality Test Swabs - Quickly test fuel quality and level of decay of 2- and 4-cycle gasoline that contains ethanol and determine if the fuel is fresh, stale, or bad
  2. 2-Cycle Oil Indicator Test - Indicates the amount of oil present in a 2-cycle gas / oil mixture
  3. Diesel Fuel Quality Test - Determines the quality of diesel fuel
  4. 2- and 4-Cycle Gas Test - Determines the quality of non ethanol fuel (Highly Sensitive Test)
  5. Phase Separation Test - Detects phase separated ethanol blended gasoline and provides immediate results to show your customer
  6. Oil Quality Test - Illustrates why customers should change their oil more frequently
  7. Bound Water Test - Indicates the amount of water present prior to phase separation

This kit allows you to become the "expert" in fuel related issues while providing a higher service level to your customers. The tests also provide 3rd party verification as to why a warranty should or should not be submitted to the manufacturer, helping resolve conflict while educating your customers. This is powerful when combined with our POS material such as our ethanol education and “Test Your Gas” poster you receive as a B3C Authorized Dealer. Please contact Kimber's at 800-627-1660 for more information or to become a dealer.

Ethanol Shield - Cleaner, more efficient and longer lasting fuel burning

B3C Fuel Solutions E10 gasoline, five drops of water and fuel additives are burned. Only the Ethanol Shield test burns clean, with no carbon smoke or extreme high temperatures. Competitive additives donít remove water and produce a high carbon smoke, which is both bad for equipment and the environment.

Synthetic Fuel Additive

Ethanol Shield protects your entire fuel system from the harmful effects of ethanol blended fuel as well as clean varnish and carbon deposits from the fuel tank to the tailpipe! Ethanol Shield treats the problem not the symptom.

Watch the Burn Test Video

Watch the Water Bonding Test

Benefits of Ethanol Shield

  • Envelopes water molecules as they are introduced into the fuel system, preventing them from bonding with the Ethanol. By enveloping the water it now pass harmless through the fuel system, including all filters and screens, to be vaporized in the combustion chamber. This process is what puts an end to the majority of problems we see with phase separation that leads to the corrosive effects we see with ethanol.
  • Dual lubricants that condition the rubber and plastic components, they also rejuvenate and protect the rubber gaskets and seals that may have been dried our form ethanol. After the lubricants are burned in the combustion chamber a synthetic lubricant is left lubricating the entire upper combustion chamber such as piston rings and valves.
  • Acts as a Fuel Preservative by adding antioxidants into the fuel because ethanol blended fuel (E-10) it is rich in oxygen. It also acts as a fuel catalysis by keeping the hydrocarbon chains short, preventing the fuel from decomposing prematurely.
  • Creates a better bond between ethanol blended fuel (E-10) and 2 cycle oil. All 2 cycle oils do not bond well with ethanol, hence the reasoning most manufactures recommend not to go over 10% ethanol content and to shake your 2 cycle oil gas mixture before running.
Mechanic In A Bottle - Fix the Unfixable™

B3C Fuel Solutions Mechanic In A Bottle Heavily varnished fuels system part from chipper before and after treatment with Mechanic in a Bottle

Synthetic based Fuel System Rejuvenator

Varnished carburetor? Fuel gone bad? Water in the tank & carburetor causing corrosion from ethanol? “FIX THE UNFIXABLE” Mechanic In A Bottle removes all varnish in the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor from the machine. Add to your gasoline and you will be able to clean varnish and carbon from the fuel tank to the tailpipe.

Benefits of using Mechanic in a Bottle in your repair shop

  • Restore old fuel by separating the hydrocarbon chains that have bonded together since the fuel has deteriorated. An octane booster is added to replace the lost octane in the decayed fuel. We do not use any metals in our formula to increase the octane.
  • Remove carbon deposits from combustion chamber components including the combustion chamber it self as well as piston(s), rings and valves.
  • Dual lubricants that condition the rubber and plastic components, they also rejuvenate rubber gaskets and seals that may have been dried out from ethanol. After the lubricants are burned in the combustion chamber a synthetic lubricant is left lubricating the entire upper combustion chamber such as piston rings and valves.
Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle - Advanced Additive Technology

B3C Fuel Solutions Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle

Engineered to Protect the Entire Fuel System

Today's Diesel fuel can contain up to 5% Bio-Diesel in many parts of the country, causing a multitude of problems:

  • Bio-diesel has been shown to absorb water from the atmosphere, act as a nutrient for bacteria and fungi growth
  • Bio-diesel causes fuel to age much faster and form sludge and deposits in the fuel system.
  • Greater concentrations increase the likelihood of corrosion and failure of the aluminum, zinc, rubber, and plastic parts of the fuel system.

Watch the Diesel Mechanic-in-a-Bottle Burn Test

Benefits of using Diesel Mechanic in a Bottle:

  • Increase Fuel Mileage
  • Increase Cetane Improvement by 2-3 points
  • Reduce emissions by burning the fuel completely
  • High Temperature Detergent to keep injectors clean
  • Pour-point Depressant lowering the pour-point to -19°F
  • Prevents fuel gelling
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricity extends the life of pumps and injectors
  • Water Encapsulation to remove the water that leads to algae/bacteria/fungus growth
  • Fuel Stabilization enhances the stability of straight diesel & bio- diesel blends to keep fuel fresh
  • Adding a Metal Affinity Compound, this technology prevents fuel tanks from becoming corroded

Diesel Mechanic in a Bottle does NOT contain petroleum distillates like many additives presently on the market.

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