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Mowers and Small Engine Equipment

EGO Power Equipment

True Gas Alternatives
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EGO Power Equipment

Power Beyond Belief starts with better technology. True technological breakthroughs take the power, performance and durability of EGO POWER+ cordless outdoor lawn and garden equipment to an entirely new level: a level that is equal to or better than gas powered equipment, but without the noise, fuss and fumes.


Heritage Packaging

ZCORR: Zero-Corrosion Packaging
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ZCORR Products

Heritage Packaging the manufacturer of ZCORR Products, a Zero-Corrosion Packaging.


B3C Fuel Solutions

Ethanol Shield, Mechanic in a Bottle, Diesel Mechanic in a Bottle
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B3C Fuel Solutions

B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC manufactures an environmentally friendly family of unique products and solutions for bio-fuel (ethanol) related problems. These bio-fuel problems began with the Clean Air Act Amendments in 1990 that started in 39 major US cities. Concern in our industry has risen with the increased usage of bio-fuels on a national level over the past decade. December 1, 2009 is the date by which the E.P.A. is required to make its decision to further increase the usage ethanol from 10 to as much as 15 percent. These are the reasons why concerns from our industry are now at an all time high.

Utilizing our unique chemical technology, we are among the first to solve multiple ethanol related problems. The majority of lawn & garden dealers have a hard time explaining how ethanol causes the problems that consumers see in the form of an expensive repair bill. B3C Fuel Solutions LLC will not only solve their concerns we will educate our dealers and end users as to how ethanol causes these problems.


Milbank Power Generators

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Life, interrupted.
A blizzard. A thunderstorm. A collision with an unsuspecting utility pole. A heat-wave induced brownout. An aging, and now blown, transformer down the street.

A freezer full of steaks and ice cream in the garbage. A refrigerator full of food and drinks down the drain. No computer. No TV. No alarm system. No lights, inside or out. It's life, interrupted. It's inconvenient, expensive, uncomfortable, and most importantly, may compromise your family's safety.

Life, uninterrupted.
A home standby generator offers life, uninterrupted. A standby generator offers continuous, uninterrupted power in the event of an outage. The result: continuous comfort, convenience and safety.

Eliminate one of life's interruptions. Install a Milbank home standby generator today and ensure an uninterrupted tomorrow.



Chain Saws, Trimmers, Blowers, and More
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Solo's quality is the distinguishing feature in a highly competitive market situation that is increasingly dominated by the price fight with mass produced articles. Our brand is the symbol of our constant effort to produce durable equipment. In our eyes, a SOLO mower,

SOLO pressure sprayer, SOLO chainsaw or any other SOLO product is a success when that SOLO machine has operated without problems for many years and will prompt the customer to purchase further SOLO machines. Exemplary, classic quality models from the house of SOLO



Engines and Equipment
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Yamakoyo provides reliable and economical equipment. Our products range from engine, generator, water pump, pressure washer, air compressor and many others.

We also provide a complete parts service for our equipments and other leading world brands. Yamakoyo engines, Power Up!


Landscaping Accessories

Ballard, Inc.

Gate Lifting System, Mower Jacks and More
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Ballard, Inc. understands the needs for top quality accessories. These products were designed, built and proven by landscapers over the last ten years. They are guaranteed to withstand the everyday use and abuse of the commercial landscaper.

Our products will help you portray a professional image while making your daily efforts much more efficient. We use all of these products daily in our lawn & landscape company. Your satisfaction means a great deal to us at Ballard Inc.



ProslideXT and GRIDIRON System
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Novae's Mission is to enable people to achieve their full potential. At Novae Corp., we remain true to our core values of quality, innovation, integrity and commitment. From the first Proslide introduced in 1995 to products yet to be released, people trust us to deliver the best that is within us.

This is not only our legacy; it is our purpose - to create an exceptional and sustained experience of genuine value. We believe that through the application of integrity, effort, technology and performance, we will drive growth by delivering value to all associated with our company.


The Mingo Marker

The Ultimate Firewood Cutting Accessory
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The Mingo Marker is an effective paint-marking tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Simply hold the comfort grip handle and roll the unit along ANY surface. The Mingo Marker is a measuring tape and marking stick all in one. With 4 different wheels that will measure and mark 6", 12", 14", 16", 18" & 24" increments.