EGO Power Equipment

Introducing EGO Power Equipment

Power Beyond Belief starts with better technology. True technological breakthroughs take the power, performance and durability of EGO POWER+ cordless outdoor lawn and garden equipment to an entirely new level: a level that is equal to or better than gas powered equipment, but without the noise, fuss and fumes.

All EGO products are powered by the ground-breaking POWER+ Arc Lithium™ technology. Heat is the enemy of all batteries: heat builds up during battery use and battery charging. EGO engineers achieved performance never thought possible while developing Arc Lithium™ by combining a unique battery shape, "Keep Cool" technology and the most advanced cell management software ever created for a home lawn and garden product. This is how EGO achieves POWER BEYOND BELIEF.

The EGO POWER+ system also boasts a revolutionary charging system. In just 30 minutes, a depleted 4.0Ah battery can be fully recharged, getting you back to it in 1/2 the time of other cordless outdoor power products. Another unique advantage of the EGO Arc Lithium™ Technology.

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EGO Power+ Blowers

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