Axalta Cromax® Pro

Cromax® Pro

Process. Productivity. Performance.

Cromax Pro

Innovation: Cromax® Pro is a next generation waterborne basecoat that features wet-on-wet application and no flash between coats - so you get breakthrough productivity today, while meeting tomorrow's environmental goals.

Productivity: Eliminates the need to flash the basecoat between coats - so your painters can spend less time in the booth and process more vehicles.

Profitability: For most colors, Cromax® Pro requires only 1.5 coats to achieve coverage - which means less material consumption and increased profitability.

Seamless Conversion: We're dedicated to providing professional support and training to make the transistion to Cromax® Pro as simple as possible.

Color Tools: Uses ColorNet for color solutions and proofing.


Axalta Cromax Pro is an advanced waterborne paint repair system. This is more than a new formula too meet new VOC requirements; this is a high-performance system that delivers exceptional results.

  • Next Generation Technology
    • Created to meet new laws and the demands of busy paint shops.
  • Easy to Use
    • Equipment and technique can remain mostly unchanged.
  • Increased Productivity
    • Wet-on-wet, 1-1/2 coat coverage and faster drying speed process.
  • Proven Results
    • Axalta waterborne technology may be new to you, but it has been producing professional results for nine years.
  • Business and Technical Support
    • Extensive support gets you out of the classroom, into the booth and back on the job quickly.